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Albany Mulloway


  By Callum Dowell – In the darkness of the night hidden from sight, the predator that sits at the top of the river’s food…

Extreme Northern Jigging


  By Luke Ryan – The great northern fishery we have knocking on our doorstep offers some of the best sport fishing in the world…

Bream Primer


Bream Competitions…Are they what they are cracked up to be? The answer to that question is certainly…Yes! It is indeed what it’s all cracked up…

All Tide Up


By Paul Cunningham – Leaving behind us the waking moans and groans of the monstrous reclaimers and ship loaders starting the early morning shift in…

Flat Out Fun


  Fishing the Flats By Paul Cunningham – Our northern flats and their ever-changing sandbars, channels, spits, currents and mussel beds present some of the…

Tech Spec

When everything old is new again


The Stik – Retro, old school, sampling, remixing, dredging up the past, call it what you will but sometimes it feels like the past simply…

Echo Sounder Bottom Discrimination


By John Adams – Interpreting the bottom signal recorded on your echo sounder display screen is an important part to echo sounder fishing and is…



The Stik – Few things in this life are perfect right off the bat. Most things require some sort of ongoing development to become decent,…